Tuesday, March 15, 2011

JAFRA New Color

JAFRA’s new color line is the start of something fabulous! With new packaging, new formulas and new amazing shades, this is the first update to the line in ten years. It is the “next generation of beauty.” The new color line has a look that is fresh and timeless.

JAFRA Colors are designed to offer consumers perceivable benefits through nature’s best ingredients in combination with JAFRA’s well known expertise in skin care. So not only will you look beautiful, but you will FEEL beautiful.

The Full Coverage Lipstick combines brilliant color, a velvety finish and long wear for hours. The new Lash Maximizing Mascara dramatically volumizes, lengthens and curls your lashes for a strong ravishing look.

Products like the new triple-milled eyeshadow trios offer seven distinct color packages which include different colors that are fun, exciting and glamorous.

With three new blush shades and ten new lacquer nail colors, JAFRA is placing you on center stage and embracing you with the confidence you have always had.

The Automatic Eyeliner, Brow Pencil and Eye Pencil extenuate the beauty of your eyes by defining their shape.

The color line features a new Cream Concealer in Deep and Always Color Stay-On Makeup in three new shades for darker complexions. All have been newly formulated to ensure ease of application and wear.

The color line comes with The Little Black Book and The Beauty Book, which are available in both English and Spanish, and serve as a great guide to getting to know the JAFRA color line. JAFRA’s first ever Beauty Book is a complete tool that includes makeup artistry tips. It is a useful guide for deep skin tones.

It also has fashion and style tips from Hollywood fashion stylists. The playful Beauty Book takes the guesswork out of choosing the best makeup colors for different skin tones giving consultants and clients the opportunity to be “Color Experts.”

The book makes suggestions for both “Natural” and “Dramatic” looks for different skin tones and for mature skin. The unique Lip Color Coordinator section allows the simplicity of matching lip colors with the appropriate lip lines, nail lacquers and powder blushes.

JAFRA has always been in the fore front of providing their customers with the best and the most up to date products with great value. Now with JAFRA Color you can express the many different shades of your personality. It is a luxurious line with global appeal and spectacular results. You can make your life more glamorous with JAFRA

Saturday, January 22, 2011

JAFRA National Conference 2011 - Accelerate Your Success

JAFRA National Conference 2011 - Day 2


Day 2 of the JAFRA National Conference was as exciting as yesterday.

Various workshops ruled the morning, such as Journey Through Leadership with Sheryl Hughey and Speeding on the Digital Superhighway with Susan Hall. The Digital Divas also wowed guests at the Internet Cafe with their amazing informational sessions, while the social media team tweeted, posted pics on Facebook and shared interesting video on the JAFRA USA YouTube page.

The Hispanic Opening Session at the Chelsea Ballroom was just as exciting as Thursday's English Opening Session, and the crowd was wowed by Connie Tang, J.R. Martinez and the Accelerate Your Success winners and the Mercedes Benz.

Later on in the afternoon, the crowd was treated to a very special Ladies in Red Reception followed by a very touching Awards banquet, where National District Directors were recognized in a moving ceremony. There were lots of amazing gifts! Connie Tang and President/CEO Dr. Friedrich Kroos also wowed the crowd with their motivating speech.

The ceremony was touching, and the audience was clearly very motivated. One consultant tweeted from the event: "One day, I'll be a Lady in Red, National District Director #JAFRA2011"

After the Accelerate Your Success winners were featured, Elvi Valenzuela took a little bit of time to give us one of the secrets to his success.

"Keep dreaming and keep making new goals," he told us. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Accelerate Your Success....in a new Mercedes Benz!

In this economy, finding a job with good perks isn't easy and finding a job that's going to give you a Mercedes Benz is next to impossible....unless your working as a JAFRA consultant. 

Just announced yesterday at the JAFRA National Conference 2011 as part of the phenomenal Accelerate Your Success Program, JAFRA consultants can now win a Mercedes C300 Sports Sedan OR a GLK350 Compact SUV. And these aren't just leased cars- the keys and the pink slips end up in the hands of the lucky consultants. 

Check out the most recent Accelerate Your Success winners here: http://www.jafrausa.com/regional/mercedes-achievers-jan2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

JAFRA National Convention 2011: Day 1


Today was an amazing day at the JAFRA National Convention 2011!

We kicked off with the registration, the JAFRA Mall, where we got a chance to check out new products and promotions, and we also got to check out the Internet Cafe, where we learned about the new website, what's offered in the digital realm and how to make social media work for you. Some guests even signed up for their brand new Twitter profiles!

The general opening session was exciting, motivating and even pulled at our heartstrings. We kicked off with an Unlock Your Dreams opening by the amazing Man in Bubble performance, then were treated to an exhilarating speech by Connie Tang. The Accelerate Your Success program was featured and a few surprises were in store for the crowd (you'll get to find out later tomorrow what they were!).

After an amazing testimony by Marie Menard, the brand new color was launched, and guests were treated to samples to take home and try out. The new color was all the rage later at the Color Lounge, and ladies lined up to get a makeover by celebrity makeup artists Sergio Lopez-Riviera and Aliesh Pierce. Beautiful Estel Day, granddaughter of Jan Day, made the crowd fall in love with her words of inspiration and motivation. 

Keynote Speaker J.R. Martinez then wowed the crowd with the courageous story of his life and sent an energizing vibe through the crowd. He got a standing ovation!

Did you attend? If you did, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

Welcome Message From Connie Tang, President of JAFRA

With the conference kicking off, Connie Tang, President of JAFRA, dropped by with a welcome message to all conference visitors (including those online!). 

Connie's excitement says it all- this will be a great year for JAFRA!

Also, if  you want to keep updated on all the latest happenings at the JAFRA National Conference 2011- check us out on Twitter and Facebook or get in on the discussion using the hashtag #JAFRA2011 after your tweets. 

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas- Home of the JAFRA National Conference 2011

The new Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas opened its doors just over a month ago, yet it is already known around the strip as the place to go for endless fun, great food and a one of a kind experience. Starting today, it is also home of the JAFRA National Conference 2011!

Designed with a sleek and modern design, this hotel is truly representative of the JAFRA brand and makes for a great backdrop for this year's conference.

But don't take our word for it. ABC's Nightline recently took a tour of the Cosmopolitan and provides an insider glance at what is one of Vegas' premiere hotels.

Check out the Nightline story and keep up to date on all things JAFRA National Conference 2011 by visiting our Facebook and Twitter pages - and of course come back to this blog, where we will be checking in with a rundown of each day's events.

If you would also like to tweet about the JAFRA National Conference 2011, please use the #JAFRA2011 hashtag after your tweets.

Thanks and see you there!